“This building is an icon.”

”This is a magnificent building, since it is a truly classic, archetypical bank. It is robust, regal, and majestic. Citizens would not hesitate for a moment to take their savings there. The bank was built in 1926 by the architects Ouëndag, with the assistance of Berlage. The building is richly decorated with exquisite granite sculptures by Lambertus Zijl, as well as a variety of copper and bronze ornaments, including lamps and letterboxes. Surprisingly many of these have been preserved, despite the fact that the building was drastically altered and enlarged in the seventies by architects Zwiers and Fontein. At that time, the glass roof and the light cove were closed. We will bring this light back. What is new is that we facilitate the establishment of shops in the arcade in the Utrechtsestraat and at the ’plinth’ in the Amstelstraat. This will make the building look much more open and accessible. I am delighted about the new functionality of this exceptional building, as it is unequivocally part of the city’s collective memory.”

Kees Rijnboutt

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