Data Privacy

General Data Privacy Notice for Website Visitors and Online Account Users

1. Contents of this notice

In this Data Privacy Notice, we inform you about how we process your personal data when you visit our website at In addition, we inform you about your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This Data Privacy Notice also applies to any other websites of Deka Group that make reference to it.

This Data Privacy Notice is supplemented by specific data privacy notices applicable to individual topics, e.g. data privacy notices for securities account customers or online job applicants. An overview is available here.

Information on the use of cookies is provided on our Cookie Information page.

2. Controller and data protection officer

The controller within the meaning of the GDPR for the processing of your data on is:

DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale
Mainzer Landstrasse 16
60325 Frankfurt am Main
Telephone (0 69)  71 47 – 652

The contact details of the data protection officer of DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale are as follows:

DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale
Data Protection Officer
Mainzer Landstrasse 16
60325 Frankfurt am Main

Where other websites of Deka Group make reference to this Data Privacy Notice, the controller within the meaning of the GDPR for the processing of your data on such other websites is, unless specified otherwise, the controller as indicated in the legal notice of the relevant other website.

3. Individual features of our website

Below, we will explain how we process your data when you use individual features of our website.

3.1. Contact form

We will use the information provided by you in the contact form (e.g. subject, message, contact details) to process your request. We will use your name for the purposes of addressing you. We will use your address and telephone number (optional information) as a further contact option in connection with your request. Your securities account number (optional information) helps us to link your request to a specific securities account.

3.2. Newsletter subscription

If you want to subscribe to a newsletter on, please set up a user account for subscription management (new registration). To do so, you will need to provide us with your email address and a password selected by you. In addition, you may provide further optional profile details such as your first and last name to enable us to address you directly.

By setting up a user account, you give DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale data privacy consent to provide you by email with information about financial products and services relating to the topics covered by the relevant newsletters you subscribed to. You may withdraw such consent at any time with immediate effect by unsubscribing from the individual newsletters using the subscription management user account or by closing your subscription management user account completely.

3.3. Using the online securities account

Once you have authorised online use of your DekaBank securities account, you can use the online account features on our website. Our Datenschutzhinweise für (Depot-)Kunden (PDF, 2.6 MB) applies to data processed for the purposes of account management and execution of orders.

3.4. Google Maps

We may use services from Google Ireland Limited to display maps on our website (e.g. location of real estate). Google has to process your IP address in order to display maps. Google also records data on your use of the maps, and data could be transmitted to the parent company Google LLC in the US.

3.5. Chat feature

We provide a chat feature on our website for clients and potential clients. Your chat partner is a DekaBank employee. You alone decide what personal data you disclose during the online text chat. You can also use the chat feature without providing your name.

If it is unavailable, you can give us your email address so that we can contact your as quickly as possible. We use any personal data that you voluntarily disclose, such as entering your name, solely to answer your questions.

4.  Analysis of your website visit for statistical purposes

4.1. Logfiles

Whenever a webpage is accessed, our web server, like any other web server, will record technical data. However, we do not link such data to any individuals and we store only shortened versions of IP addresses.

4.2. Adobe Analytics

If you give your consent to data processing for statistical purposes, we will use the analytics service "Adobe Analytics" to analyse how visitors use our website. We will track your use without collecting any personal data (data will be pseudonymised). We will store only a shortened version of your IP address.

You can change your consent for cookies and data privacy here.

Opt out of Adobe website tracking

5. Analysis of your website visit for marketing purposes

If you give your consent to data processing for marketing purposes, we will use the “Adobe Experience Cloud” service provided by Adobe. We will then use the data recorded by Adobe Analytics (see section 4.2 above) in pseudonymised form for the following purposes:

  • To identify potential interests (e.g. in certain funds or forms of investment)
  • To display interest-based advertising in third-party search and advertising networks, including social media (e.g. we can show appropriate advertising in third-party search machines and websites used by previous visitors to our website)
  • To personalise content (e.g. we can show content on our webpage that interested you during your last visit).

6 Additional information

6.1. Mandatory information

All mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk ("*") on our website. Without such information, it is not possible to use the relevant feature.

6.2. Data recipients

At DekaBank, your data will be received by the relevant department, e.g. Securities Account Services or the Marketing Department. To the extent your data relates to other companies of Deka Group, these companies will also be granted access to your data (e.g. request made using the contact form concerning a matter of Deka Investment GmbH).

We may engage technical service providers, which are bound by our instructions, to ensure the technical operation of the website. Such service providers include in particular Finanzinformatik Technologie Service GmbH & Co. KG.

Any data will be transferred to countries outside of the European Economic Area only if this has been expressly indicated.

6.3. Criteria for the data retention period

We will determine the period for which your data will be stored based on the specific purposes for which we use your data. In addition, we are subject to statutory retention and documentation requirements, in particular under the German Commercial Code and the German Tax Code. Moreover, the period for which data will be stored is also determined by the statutory limitation periods of generally three years, e.g. pursuant to §§ 195 et seqq. of the German Civil Code.

7. Definitions

7.1. Terms

Below, we will explain some of the legal and technical terms used in this Data Privacy Notice.

Personal data
Personal data means any information involving an identified or identifiable natural person, e.g. data linked to your e-mail address or securities account number.

Processing of personal data means any procedure in relation to personal data, e.g. the collection of data using an online form, the storage of data on our servers or the use of data for the purposes of contacting you.

A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer. The content of such file is transferred to our servers every time you visit a website.

IP address:
The IP address is a number temporarily or permanently assigned to your computer by your internet service provider. In individual cases, a complete IP address allows the identification of the internet connection subscriber, e.g. through additional information provided by your internet access provider.

Privacy Shield
By participating in the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield programme, companies in the US can create an adequate level of protection as provided for in the GDPR. The corresponding adequacy decision by the EU Commission can be accessed here: Decision of 12/07/2016 (file ref. C(2016) 4176). A list of the participating companies is available here.

Standard data protection clauses
Standard clauses by the EU Commission that we agree to with service providers in non-EEA countries in order to create an adequate level of protection as provided for in the GDPR. The text of the standard data protection clauses is available at (Annex).

7.2. Legal basis

Under the GDPR, personal data may be processed only if a legal basis exists. We are required by law to inform you about the legal basis for the processing of your data.

Below, we will explain the terms used in this respect.

Legal basis
Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR
This legal basis allows processing if and to the extent you have given us your consent thereto.
Art. 6(1)(b) GDPR
Performance of a contract
This legal basis allows processing to the extent it is necessary for the performance of a contract with you, including steps prior to entering into a contract (e.g. preparation of the conclusion of a contract).
Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR
Legitimate interests
This legal basis allows processing to the extent it is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests (or those of any third party), except where such interests are overridden by your conflicting interests.

7. Your rights

The GDPR grants you certain rights in relation to your personal data. An explanation is available here.
(available in German language only).